History of the company

SALSA is a family company founded in 2007 by the Saltirovski family, managed by Aleksandar Saltirovski.

Company Profile

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Specialized knowledge and expirience

▶ Classical and sports female trousers and skirts

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Specilized Technology and Equipment

▶ Continuous investments in new technologies

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Production capacity

▶ Up to 200.000 ready-to-wear clothes units per annum

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▶ 84 high profile employees with decades of practice in the textile industry

Success factors

▶ Stable and qualified team - our employees are our treasure

▶ Stable and continuous development and growth

▶ State of the art technology

▶ Quality and productivity

▶ Clean environment and eco-friendly solutions

  • Reliable partner

  • Just-In-Time delivery

  • Highly qualified and experienced management